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February 14, 2019

Dev Awesome

In case you've missed the news, the Tutorialzine newsletter is now called Dev Awesome. The emails have an updated look and feature more web dev resources. We hope you enjoy them!

Articles & Tutorials

Future JavaScript: what is still missing?

The last couple of years gave us amazing new JS features like async/await and arrow functions. This article explores some cool ideas about what is yet to come.

Node.js Crash Course in 90 Minutes

Amazing video lesson that covers the fundamentals of Node.js and shows you how to setup a simple server.

A Detailed Guide to CSS Animations and Transitions

Beginner's tutorial on CSS animations, with lots of code examples and gifs that explain everything clearly.

33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

A great collection for all JS devs containing tutorials and videos on some of the most important coding concepts.

Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps

Great news for JS developers as Android is about to start supporting Progressive Web Apps in the Google Play Store.

Libraries & Tools

Instant Page - Speed up loading times by prefetching links

This cool library pre-loads links on hover, making the next page show quicker once the user actually clicks a link.

Flex Search - Modern text search solution for browser and Node.js

An incredibly powerful and feature-rich JavaScript library for doing anything related to text search.

Matter - Material Components in Pure CSS

A nice collection of various HTML input fields in the style of Google's Material Design, made with only CSS for quick and easy use.

Destyle - Create designs without the default browser styles getting in the way

This reset stylesheet helps with browser consistency and removes the default styles from most HTML elements, making it easier to apply your own CSS.

Mercury Parser - Extract only the important content from any web page

Open-source web parser that fetches the most vital bits of information from a URL. Comes with a command line tool and a chrome extension.

Inspiration & Design

10 Amazing JavaScript Games In Under 13kB of Code

A collection of awesome browser games, each one masterfully crafted with only 13 kilobytes of code.

Windows 95 recreated in an Electron app

The entire Windows 95 operating system running inside an Electron app. Yes, it runs Doom.

Custom cursor effects - Beautiful interactive animated cursors

Five fantastic examples of custom cursor designs that give the boring mouse pointer a fresh new look.

Social Sizes - Recommended sizes for social media images

A nice cheat sheet containing the proper dimensions for most social media posts, avatars and covers. - Message board inside your browser's console

Fun little experiment where users can text each other through the browser console.