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// Dev Awesome #4

February 28, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Rendering on the Web - Server-side, client-side, and everything in between

In-depth Google developers article on the various approaches to rendering a web page in 2019.

To Grid or to Flex? - A comparison of Flexbox and the CSS grid

Great article that looks into the different pros and cons of using flexbox or CSS grid for creating web layouts.

JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome

Addy Osmani's quick article on which scripts get loaded and executed first by the browser.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Faces, and Barcodes

A preview of an exciting new JavaScript API by the Chrome team - the Shape Detection API for finding objects in images.

The State Of CSS Survey 2019

From the creator of the popular State Of JavaScript survey comes a study of the latest trends in CSS.

Libraries & Tools

Stisla - Bootstrap-based admin dashboard template

This open-source project offers a huge selection of components, pre-built pages and JS utilities for building great admin UIs.

Leon - Open-source personal AI assistant

Like Alexa and Siri, Leon listens to your commands and answers your questions. It is built with Node.js and is super easy to install on your local server.

Applause - Tiny JS and CSS library for creating Medium-like applause buttons

Awesome zero-configuration library that makes it super easy to add a clap button and counter to your webpages.

NES.css - Make your websites look like an 8-bit NES game

Fun Bootstrap-like CSS framework that provides pixelated components, all styled to look like a retro game's menu.

Split.js - Resizable split panels made easy

This great library is only 2kb in size and mostly CSS based, making it a good "set it and forget it" solution for building collapsible frames.

Inspiration & Design

Fake 3D Image Effect - Amazing depth of field illusions with WebGL

Another great demo and tutorial by the Codrops team. These pseudo-3D effects can make your next website stand out.

The Mine - A CSS only adventure game

An incredible feat of web development, this cute adventure game is made without any scripting language - just pure HTML and CSS.

IconSVG - Large collection of customizable SVG icons

Excellent little app that lets you change the icons' color, width, and other styles, generating clean SVG code.

Water and Lemons - Pure CSS Still Life

In this truly impressive piece of CSS art, Ben Evans creates a photo-realistic scene that will make you question your CSS skills.

Cool Backgrounds - 5-in-1 app for generating background images

Beautifully designed app that combines five different background image builders into one easy to use interface.