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// Dev Awesome #9

May 9, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Guess the Programming Language

Can you tell Java from JavaScript? Awesome! So you are ready to take our ultimate programming challenge.

The CSS Handbook: a handy guide to CSS for developers

Fantastic book that covers everything from absolute beginner concepts to more advanced topics like the CSS grid.

Share files with Web Share

Quick overview of a new Chrome API that makes it possible to share links via the native Android and iOS share menus.

Introducing Node.js 12

A new major version of Node has been released, bringing great performance improvements, ES6 module imports, and more!

Making the Move from jQuery to Vue

Learn how to do common jQuery things like DOM manipulation and event handling using Vue.js.

Libraries & Tools

React95 - UI components in the style of Windows 95

Over 30 restro-style React components including a date picker, buttons, icons, form inputs, and more.

Reattempt - JS library that lets you retry failed async functions

Lightweight library for Node.js and the browser that makes it possible to give async functions a second chance.

Octotree - Browser extension that displays a code tree in GitHub repos

Awesome extension that improves the way GitHub shows a repo's files. Available in all major browsers.

OverlayScrollbars - Styleable scrollbars that keep the native functionality

Great JS library that changes the way scrollbars look without altering the native browser behaviour.

Medium Zoom - A JavaScript library for zooming images

Image zoom library with cool features like mouse and key press controls, SD to HD quality on zoom, 60fps animations, and more.

Inspiration & Design

Stretchy Penguin - Cute interactive demo made with SVG and JS

The penguin is entirely made out of SVG and the "stretching" is handled via the TweenMax JS library

Iconmonstr - Massive collection of over 4000 free icons

Royalty-free icons created by Alexander Kahlkopf. Available as SVG, PSD, and PNG.

Lorem Picsum - Easy to use photo placeholders

Lorem Ipsum generator for photos. Simply set the placeholder size and it will serve you a nice image.

The Cube - Great looking Rubik's Cube on CodePen

A fully playable Rubik's cube toy made with Three.js.

Shell Shock - Awesome browser game made with Babylon.js

This amazing FPS game is made with Microsoft's Babylon.js WebGL engine. Very impressive for a browser game and super fun.