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// Dev Awesome #11

June 6, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Why I'm still using jQuery in 2019

Martin Tournoij explains the benefits of using jQuery over Vanilla JS or frameworks like React and Vue.

The Easiest Way To Create Parallax Scrolling With simpleParallax

A quick tutorial on how to create eye-catching parallax scroll animations using a modern JS library.

Vue.js And SEO: Optimize Reactive Websites For Search Engines

Great article on optimizing JS-driven websites and single page apps for better indexing by search engines

JavaScript Clean Code - Best Practices

A list of general rules and tips for writing JavaScript that is easier to read and understand.

Three.js Fundamentals - A series of tutorials on the popular 3D framework

We've featured many amazing Three.js demos on Dev Awesome before. This course will show you how to get started and create your own.

Libraries & Tools

Tornis - Watch and respond to changes in your browser's viewport

JS library that keeps track of viewport position, mouse movements and other data, keeping them organized in a state object.

PapaParse - Fast and powerful CSV parser for the web

Papa Parse is the fastest in-browser CSV parser for JavaScript, capable of handling large files and malformed input.

Await Timeout - Promise-based API for setTimeout

Tiny JavaScript library that makes it way easier to create async timeouts and wait for them to finish properly.

Embetty - Embed media without compromising your privacy

Proxy server and frontend library that embed remote content like tweets and video while keeping your privacy.

Material-UI - React components that implement Google's Material Design

The tried and tested React framework recently got its v4.0 update, including lots of improved UI components and other utilities.

Inspiration & Design

Zdog - Designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine

A simplified framework for creating beautiful 3D models without a lot of overhead. Based on canvas and SVG.

Rebuilding the Solar System with CSS

Beautiful spinning models of our planet and its neighbours, created using only CSS and images of the surface.

Creative Portfolios - Inspirational personal websites

Curated list of some of the most impressive portfolios of designers and developers.

Parallax concept - Advanced on-scroll parallax effect

Interesting prototype for a more complex parallax design, where scrolling moves the view through a forest.

Animation Handbook - Free book on animation in software designs

Learn how you can use animation to demonstrate abstract concepts, make products feel more life-like, and instill more emotion into digital experiences.