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// Dev Awesome #13

July 3, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

The Weird History of JavaScript

Fun educational video covering the last 25 years of JS history - from simple Netscape scripts to becoming the world's most popular programming language.

HTML can do that?

A collection of 10 HTML-driven demos showcasing the unexpected powers of the web's markup language.

The State of Angular in 2019

Although React and Vue are all the hype these days, Angular is still an amazing framework, constantly improving with cool new features.

Web Components Tutorial for Beginners

Fantastic introduction to web components, including a starter project repo that lets you follow along with the tutorial.

Optimizing Google Fonts Performance

This great article by Smashing Magazine explores how you can reduce the long load times associated with importing typefaces from Google Fonts.

Libraries & Tools

Just - A task library for JS by MicroSoft

Organize the build tasks for your JavaScript projects. Includes presets for TypeScript, Webpack and others.

Bliss.js - Syntactic sugar for Vanilla JS, making the API much more pleasant

Library that improves the syntax of Vanilla JS methods while keeping their functionality untouched.

Mavo - HTML-based language for building websites without any coding

This cool project makes it possible to create small data-driven websites with no JS and no backend, just HTML.

Freezeframe.js - Control animated GIFs' playback

Tiny JS library that allows you to pause and start Gifs based on user input such as clicks or hover.

VerbalExpressions - JS library that helps with writing regular expressions

The library provides chainable methods for most RegEx operations, making it easier to build complicated rules.

Inspiration & Design

Pokemon Card Holo Effect on CodePen

Absolutely stunning demo of a pokemon card with shiny details and great-looking on hover animations.

CSS Wand - Copy-pastable CSS snippets

Useful, easily customizable CSS animations, loading spinners, and other components.

404 Illustrations - Collection of original Not Found designs

A curated list of humorous images and text you can use for your custom 404 pages.

Screenzy - Beautiful screenshot generator

Tiny app for making your product screenshot look better. Includes some customization options and export in JPG or PNG.

URL Pages - Store entire websites in the URL

Proof of concept experiment which allows you to create web pages that are stored entirely in the URL.