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// Dev Awesome #18

September 12, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

How to learn D3.js

Super detailed interactive tutorial on one of the most popular libraries for data visualization.

JavaScript & Node.js Testing Best Practices

The ultimate guide to JS testing. It covers everything from frontend and backend tests to advanced CI setups.

An Introduction to Memoization in JavaScript

A very interesting optimization technique for reducing the number of redundant, expensive function calls.

All the New ES2019 Tips and Tricks

Lengthy guide that covers all the new ECMAScript features, API methods, and syntax sugar.

How DNS works - A beautifully illustrated guide to DNS

Wonderful, fun guide that will show you all that happens under the hood when you try and go to a web address.

Libraries & Tools

Chart.xkcd - A library for hand-drawn styled charts.

Awesome little JS library that creates data charts in the style of the popular comic series xkcd.

Can I Email: for email clients

A new service that helps you find out the browser support for various CSS properties or HTML attributes.

NodeGUI - New framework for building cross-platform desktop apps with JS

This framework is powered by Qt5 and should result in more performant native apps, compared to Electron which is chromium based.

Pagemap - Mini map for web pages

This very original JS plugin adds a minimap of your website next to the scrollbar, similar to what you see in code editors.

Monolith - Save entire web pages as a single HTML file

Unlike the browser's "Save page as", Monolith bundles the CSS, images, and JS assets into one document that is easy to store and share.

Inspiration & Design

Color This Sofa - An SVG & Blend Mode experiment

In this CodePen, Kyle Wetton has created a beautiful color effect using a CSS blend mode trick.

Get Waves - SVG shapes generator for wavy sections

This great tool makes it super easy to create the perfect wave SVG for your design.

Collet UI - Massive archive of great UI design

This website offers a collection of over 14000 components for design inspiration, categorized well and updated daily.

Colorable - Tool for checking text and background color contrast

It's important to make sure the text and background colors in a design are compatible. This tool makes that super easy.

Animated verbs - Smooth text animations with CSS and JS

Cool CodePen demo showcasing a number of wonderfully animated text effects.