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// Dev Awesome #21

October 25, 2019

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Things You Can Do to Improve Code Quality

Some excellent tips on how to write better code that's easy to understand and maintain.

Learn React.js - Full Course for Beginners

Amazing 5-hour course on React that's meant for total beginners. It covers everything from the very basics to building your first apps with the library.

SQL Murder Mystery

A fun way to practice your SQL skills. You'll need to search the DB for clues and try to solve the murder mystery.

Preloading responsive images

This tutorial looks at the new image preload and sourceset attributes, and how they can be used together to improve image load times.

JavaScript Naming Conventions

A nice list of generally accepted rules for naming variables, functions, classes and components in JavaScript.

Libraries & Tools

Announcing Ionic React - A native React version of the popular Ionic Framework

A powerful framework that allows you to build iOS, Android, Desktop, and Progressive Web Apps out of the same codebase.

Insomnia - Powerful tool for debugging HTTP and GraphQL

Free app with a beautiful UI that has everything you need for testing REST endpoints and other APIs. Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

TinaCMS - Site editing toolkit for modern React-based sites

After plugging in Tina to your Gatsby or Next.js project, your site becomes fully editable, making it possible to change the text, reorder elements, and much more.

Gridsome - A flexible static site generator powered by Vue.js

This cool framework makes it possible to take any CMS, API, or simple markdown system and transform it into a fast, modern, pre-rendered website.

Karma - Test JS code in multiple browsers at once

A useful tool for running JS tests in an actual browser environment. Works with Mocha, Jasmine, and other popular testing frameworks.

Inspiration & Design

How to Design Delightful Dark Themes

Some excellent points on how to make dark themes that look great. Includes lots of pretty design examples.

Click the button! - A fun CodePen demo

Just a normal website, with a perfectly normal button. Go ahead and click it, no one will steal your cursor. We promise!

The JS13kGames Winners

JS13k is an amazing coding challenge where devs create JS games with a total file size under 13kb. Here are this year's incredible winners.

Open Doodles - Pretty set of sketchy illustrations

This cool set of images is completely free and comes in SVG and PNG formats. There is also a customizer for easily changing the colors.

The problem with dropdown fields (and what you should use instead)

A nice tutorial on how to improve your usage of dropdowns and make the forms in your designs more user friendly.