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// Dev Awesome #24

December 17, 2019

Dev Awesome

Hey friends! In this last 2019 issue, we have collected the best articles and resources from the past year. Happy reading and have a wonderful holiday!

Christmas Special

Bootstrap Studio Lifetime

Give yourself an awesome Christmas gift this year, and get Bootstrap Studio Lifetime for 10% off with the promo code BSS-DEV-10. It's only valid for a few more days so get it now!

Articles & Tutorials

Lesser-known CSS properties in GIFs

An excellent article on some of the more obscure CSS properties, each one carefully explained with a beautiful looping GIF.

30 Seconds Of Code

Giant collection of curated JavaScript tips & tricks that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

Dangit, git! - Quick solutions to common Git problems

Everyone has made a mess of their git repo at some point. Here are some unfortunate git scenarios and how to get out of them.

Node.js Crash Course in 90 Minutes

Amazing video lesson that covers the fundamentals of Node.js and shows you how to setup a simple server.

Why I'm still using jQuery in 2019

Martin Tournoij explains the benefits of using jQuery over Vanilla JS or frameworks like React and Vue.

Libraries & Tools

Lottie - Render After Effects animations with React Native

A library by the Airbnb team that exports Adobe After Effects animations as json, parses them, and renders them natively on mobile!

Water.css - CSS framework that doesn't require any classes

A just-add-css collection of styles to make simple websites look better. Includes a light and dark theme, and can be customized via SCSS.

Barba.js - Create fluid transition between your website's pages

Lightweight, easy-to-use library that helps reduce loading times, minimize the number of HTTP requests, and add cool transitions between pages.

Zero Server - The zero configuration web framework.

This awesome framework allows you to build web apps without having to worry about server configuration, package management or routing.

Scene.js - Timeline-based animation library

It allows animations to be played in both JS and CSS, supports SVG, multiple timelines, and comes with preset effects you can use out of the box.

Inspiration & Design

How to Design Delightful Dark Themes

Some excellent points on how to make dark themes that look great. Includes lots of pretty design examples.

Undraw - Huge collection of free SVG illustrations

A constantly updated collection of beautiful open-source images, customizable to match your brand's colors.

Windows 95 recreated in an Electron app

The entire Windows 95 operating system running inside an Electron app. Yes, it runs Doom.

100,000 Faces Generated by AI

Computer generated photos of people who don't actually exist - perfect for mockups and demo projects.

Paper Bird by Yusuke Nakaya

Amazing CSS-only animation of a flying bird with beautiful shadows and 3D effects.