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// Dev Awesome #28

February 21, 2020

Dev Awesome

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Bootstrap Studio 5.0 is here!

You can now connect external editors like Visual Studio and Sublime Text, convert between components and enjoy a refreshed UI. Get 10% off with the code BSS-DEV-10. It's only valid for a few more days so get it now!

Articles & Tutorials

Why JavaScript is Eating HTML

Mike Turley explores the recent trend of doing everything in the JS layer, including rendering and styling the page elements.

Version 9 of Angular Now Available

Angular recently got a huge update, introducing major changes in all parts of the ecosystem, including the framework itself, moving to a new compiler, and much more.

Old CSS, new CSS

Amazing article that goes all the way back to the inception of CSS and all the crazy trends it has gone through.

Building an accessible autocomplete control

Really in-depth tutorial on how to build an autocomplete dropdown that's easily accessible and pleasant to use.

You don't need Moment.js

Moment.js is one of the best datetime libraries, but it also has one of the largest bundle sizes. Here you can learn about some tinier, but just as good alternatives.

Libraries & Tools

Octomments - Using GitHub issues as a comment plugin

Interesting project consisting of a GitHub App and a JS library that work together to display a comment section on your website, hosted inside a selected GitHub repo issue.

Bootlint - HTML linter for Bootstrap projects

Official library by the Bootstrap team that checks if your pages are using Bootstrap's components with correctly-structured HTML.

DarkModeJS - Change the appearance of your app based on the time of day

Super lightweight library that can help you detect user's time and switch the theme of your app accordingly. Light and dark themes not provided.

massCode - Open-source code snippet manager for developers

Great little app for managing all your code snippets and cheatsheets. Works for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Sharect - Tiny JS library for sharing text selections

This plug-and-play, no-dependencies library enables you to quickly post text selections to Twitter and Facebook, similar to the share feature on Medium.

Inspiration & Design - Great tool for generating Soft-UI CSS

This UI generator app can help you learn more about one of the hottest trends in design right now.

Night & Day - Beautifully designed and animated toggle switch

In this fantastic CodePen, Steve Gardner created a toggle switch with superb animations and attention to detail. - Showcase of crazy web design

A collection of inspiring avant-garde websites and designs, well curated and beautifully displayed.

Whoosh - Fun web game prototype with motion controls

In this cool project you control a spaceship by making steering wheel movements with your hands. Created with Three.js, and Tensorflow.

Newton's Light Bulbs - Animated Newton's cradle on CodePen

Great-looking and super smooth animation for a newton's cradle made out of lightbulbs.