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// Dev Awesome #42

October 9, 2020

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

The failed promise of Web Components

An interesting article going over some of the reasons Web Component haven't been widely adopted yet.

VSCode Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Some excellent ideas on how to improve your workflow and utilize VSCode's many features to the fullest.

Emulate vision deficiencies in DevTools

Addy Osmani covers some great new features of Chrome's DevTools that help adapt the web for colorblind users.

Goodbye comments, welcome Webmentions

Webmentions offer a new way to handle comments and reactions on the web. They are still in development but are already part of W3C's recommendations.

Finding The Root Cause of a CSS Bug

This tutorial covers a number of great techniques for fixing tricky CSS problems.

Libraries & Tools

Duet Date Picker - Beautiful calendar and date picker widget

Open-source date picker with tons of great features and a nice modern design.

Urlcat - Tiny JS library for working with URLs

No-dependencies library with a clean API that makes building and working with links super easy.

Phelia - React for Slack Apps

Nice framework that makes building interactive Slack apps much more enjoyable and quick.

Vime - Modern media player library for the web

The player offers support for various media providers, great browser support, touch-friendly design and more.

Filters - CSS library for applying color filters

This tiny library gives you a number of utility classes that make it easier to apply CSS filters to images or other elements.

Inspiration & Design

Keyboard Simulator - Awesome 3D keyboard models

This cool app lets you try out how different colors and layouts look on a mechanical keyboard.

Buttons that Spark Joy

Great article on how to create buttons that are fun and rewarding to press.

Map Marker on CodePen

Wonderful design for an animated map pin that transforms into a card with location info.

Wikipedia is getting a new look

Some insight into Wiki's first redesign in over 10 years and why it was necessary.

Menu Reveal By Page Rotate Animation

Quick tutorial by the CSS-Tricks team on how to implement an eye-catching slider menu.