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// Dev Awesome #55

July 9, 2021

Dev Awesome

Welcome to Dev Awesome, the newsletter for awesome developers. This week we have another dose of interesting articles, tools and inspiration to supercharge your afternoon. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

JavaScript Is Weird Quiz

This fun quiz highlights some of the quirks and inconsistencies that make JavaScript such an unpredictable language.

History of the Web: Part 1

A fascinating read about the technologies and programming tools that make up the web and how they've evolved over time.

ES2021 Features!

Quick preview of some of the approved new JavaScript features we can expect to see in ES2021.

Updating A 25-Year-Old Website

Mads Stoumann's charming tale about how he modernized an old website by keeping the original ASP stack instead of starting from scratch.

High performance storage with the Storage Foundation API

Preview of an exciting new Chrome API that offers faster solutions for web storage and native file management.

Libraries & Tools

GitHub Copilot - An AI pair programmer

Really impressive OpenAI project from GitHub that can autocomplete complex code or even write entire functions for you.

Indiepen - Privacy-friendly solution for sharing code snippets

Nice lightweight solution to embed HTML, CSS and JS code examples that's less than 20 KB and doesn't set any cookies.

Astro - A faster static site builder

Interesting project that takes a fresh approach at static site generators, rendering the pages as optimized as possible and without any unnecessary JS.

The Plan for React 18

A sneak peak into the next major update to React.

Uniform CSS - Sass-powered utility and styling framework

Great project that makes it possible to build a highly customizable CSS framework that's tailored to your needs.

Inspiration & Design

iPod.js - An iPod that connects to Apple Music and Spotify

Super fun recreation of the classic iPod with streaming service support, games and most importantly click wheel menu!

Design for Safari 15

Nice video from Apple on the redesigned Safari browser and how to build websites for it.

Building a color scheme

Awesome article (and video) on how to make a color scheme and then build theme variations on top of it.

Optical size, the hidden superpower of variable fonts

This article does a great job at illustrating why it's important to have proper optical size scaling.

Multi Colored Text with CSS

Cool text effect made with clever usage of linear gradients and the background-clip property.