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// Dev Awesome #57

September 10, 2021

Dev Awesome

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Articles & Tutorials

The State Of Mobile First and Desktop First

Learn more about the pros and cons of mobile and desktop first CSS and how you can combine them for a better dev experience.

Automatically start PWAs on OS Login

A quick update from the Chrome dev team on desktop PWAs, which can now be configured to run on startup. Supported on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

The story and technology behind Visual Studio Code.

Interesting interview with an engineer from the VSCode team - probably one of the fastest growing dev tool right now.

Vue has been selected as Wikimedia Foundation's JS framework

Great news for Vue.js fans, as the organization behind Wikipedia picks the framework for it's websites and open-source projects.

I Tried Angular as a React Developer. Here Are 6 Things I Like About It

Some interesting insights from Louis Petrik's first-hand experience of trying out Angular in 2021.

Libraries & Tools

Bootstrap 5.1.0 Released

This is the first big update to Bootstrap 5 and it brings important changes like support for CSS Grid, new components, and more!

Absurd SQL - An SQLite database persisted inside IndexedDB

An impressive project that makes it possible to use sql.js as a persisting database inside the browser. There is a great blog post in the repo that details more.

SpeedVitals - Online performance evaluation tool

The app uses Lighthouse and the Chrome UX API to measure your website's performance, giving you easy to understand insights on what can be improved.

Solid - Declarative JS UI library that doesn't use Virtual DOM

This project has been gaining popularity lately thanks to its new take on a React-like UI library and its large list of available features.

Notistack - Toast notifications for React

Nice, easy to use React component for generating highly customizable notification snackbars.

Inspiration & Design

Responsive CSS Food Truck

Lovely animated food truck made only with CSS and HTML.

Fishdraw - Procedurally generated fish drawings

Really impressive (and weird) JS library that creates randomly generated fish drawings.

How To Build Resilient JavaScript UIs

Great in-depth article on how to design interfaces that are clearer, more accessible and help the user when there are errors.

Tailwind CSS Buttons

Nice collection of beautifully designed buttons for Tailwind that can be simply copy and pasted (don't expect short HTML though).

BioIcons - Free science icons

Large library of over 1500 open-source icons for biology, chemistry, physics and other science fields.