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// Dev Awesome #64

April 8, 2022

Dev Awesome

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Articles & Tutorials

Chrome 100 is here!

In this article you can read about the highlights in the project's long history and see what's new in the latest update.

Designing a Beautiful Portfolio Website in Bootstrap Studio (Video)

Great tutorial on how to build a fully featured portfolio website using the Bootstrap Studio app.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

Very interesting article about some of the more obscure but still useful HTML attributes.

Next.js Foundations

The official Next.js course that covers everything you need to know about building Next.js apps with React starting from a beginner level.

Say hello to selectmenu, a fully styleable select element

This and other styleable HTML elements are still in the early stages of browser adoption but already show a great deal of promise.

Libraries & Tools

Glassmorphism CSS Generator

NIce web app that generates beautiful glassmorphism styled elements using CSS filters.

React v18.0 is now available!

This update introduces the new concurrent renderer as well as lots of out-of-the-box improvements like automatic batching and new APIs.

Avvvatars - Open Source React UI Avatar Library

Cool library that generates colorful placeholder avatars for you users showing their initials or a random shape.

Master Styles - A Virtual CSS language

Interesting project, similar to the popular Tailwind framework, for styling elements directly in the HTML using short and standardized classes.

Utopia - React dev environment in the browser

The app is combines VSCode with an editable design preview which are two-way synced, so that design and code update each other.

Inspiration & Design

Google style app menu with lock screen

Fantstic dashboard design inspired by the Google TV user interface.

Claymorphism: Will It Stick Around?

Adrian Bece shares his thoughts on the claymorphism design trend and its colorful 3D interfaces.

Radio buttons hopping design

Unique design for a form with radio buttons. Created using CSS keyframe animations. - Over 700 free CSS icons

Large collection of open-source icons that can be downloaded as CSS, SVG and Figma UI assets.

Iceberger - Draw an iceberg and see how it will float

Fun little JS drawing game that simulates the physics behind icebergs floating in water.